Fair Use in Scholarly Journal and Book Publishing—publisher, author, and library perspectives

Co-hosted by MIT and Harvard, this live-streamed panel discussion will explore the barriers and issues that arise when scholarly publishers consider whether to allow fair use as a basis for inclusion of 3rd party material in scholarly articles and books, and will consider the implications for authors and the scholarly publishing process. Has the recent increase in fair use decisions in the federal courts convinced some publishers that fair use is a powerful and viable right, while still mitigating risk for their business model?

The panel will include perspectives from a university press publisher, author, and attorney/librarian as moderator.

Speakers include:
Nick Lindsay, Journals Director, MIT Press
Bill Smith, Director of Intellectual Property Licensing MIT Press
Author and Harvard Librarian—Coming Soon, TBA
Kyle K. Courtney, Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication, Attorney and librarian—moderator and panelist

February 23, 12 p.m.–1 p.m.
Killian Hall: Building 14, 1st floor, outside Hayden Library

All are welcome—and the event will be live-streamed—connect via http://webcast.amps.ms.mit.edu/spr2016/Lib/1608/4/index.html