Celebrate Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week with the Copyright Discussion Group!

The University of Maryland Libraries’ Copyright Discussion Group will celebrate Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week Tuesday, February 21 at 2pm in the Engineering and Physical Sciences Library’s PSL Mulitpurpose Room by hosting an ACRL Presents webcast called “Using Fair Use to Preserve and Share Disappearing Government Information: A Guide for Rogue Librarians” followed by presentations by three guest speakers, Amy Ginther from Project NEThics, our colleague Joseph Koivisto, and Adam Kriesberg from the iSchool. The webinar will be from 2-3pm, the guest speakers will talk from 3-3:30pm, and we have the room until 4pm so we’ll be encouraging people to stick around until then to chat. This event is open to the public.


Amy Ginther, IT Specialist with Security/Project NEThics in the Division of Information Technology, will discuss the process through which the university, as an online service provider, claims safe harbor from copyright infringement liability. She will also mention additional ways in which Project NEThics, the group charged with promoting the responsible use of information technology through user education and policy enforcement, addresses intellectual property issues.

Joseph Koivisto, one of our Systems Librarians, who deals with Consortial Libraries Applications Support, is attending a DataRescueDC event February 18th-19th to help archive and describe digital research data funded and hosted by federal research agencies. He will share his experience at the event and some of his expertise with archiving data.

Adam Kriesberg, a Post-Doctoral Scholar at Maryland’s iSchool, works on projects related to agricultural data curation. He also is attending the Saving Data Event happening this weekend and will share some insights into that event and his own experience with archiving government data.

Andy Horbal
University of Maryland