UCR Library Fair Use Week Commemoration: Conversations about Copyright, Fair Use and Licensing

UCR Library Fair Use Week Commemoration is scheduled for Wed. Feb. 22, 11:45am-1pm in Rivera Room 403. The event is a conversation and sharing meeting of librarians and instructional designers (ID) at UCR. Librarians and ID’s utilize copyright and fair use issues on a daily basis and can assist faculty instructional design and course preparation by developing deeper understanding of the laws governing fair use. ADDED: A brief presentation about Prof. Juliette Levy’s teaching project using virtual reality to construct “Che’s Village” and the resources to analyze the 1959 Cuban Agrarian Reform.

Rhonda Neugebauer
University of California Riverside Library

Celebrate Fair Dealing Week at the University of Ottawa!

Every day you rely on an important exception and user right in the Canadian Copyright Act: fair dealing. Fair dealing allows for the reproduction of copyright-protected content without the permission of the copyright holder, in certain circumstances.

Join the Copyright Office at the Media Centre (Morisset Library) to learn more about copyright and fair dealing and have some fun!


*Copyright Bits & Bites

Read our informational posters, savour our copyright cookies, participate in our quiz, and have the chance to win a gift card!

Where: MRT 143

When: from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm – come and go as you please!

*Gifs and Memes 101

Want to use or remix existing images or videos for your next creation? Learn more about fair dealing and create your own memes during this hilarious hands-on workshop! Bilingual workshop. Registration required.

Where: MRT 144

When: Workshop 1 10:00 am-11:00 am | Workshop 2 11:00 am-12:00 pm

University of Ottawa

Mélanie Brunet
Copyright Office, University of Ottawa Library

Copyright Protection Gave Superman the Ability to Stop Bullets; Fair Use Made Him a God

Superman is a Depression-era hero thriving in a post-industrial world. His many iterations began with a short story written by a high school student about a mad scientist who performed experiments on men waiting in bread lines. Superman was the mad scientist, he was bald, and he was not a “good guy.” The two high school students who continued to develop Superman eventually realized that people living through the Great Depression needed a hero who could root out corruption, manhandle machines, and sympathize with human frailty. Without early copyright protection, Superman almost certainly would not have developed into the well-known character he is today. Without the Fair Use exception to copyright infringement, however, Superman would not have developed into an archetype. Through Superman, we will trace the history of Fair Use and highlight its importance. The talk will be given by Anderson Duff, Partner at Revision Legal, New York, NY.

Yale University

Introduction to Copyright & Fair Use

Are you curious about what exactly fair use is? Have you ever wondered if you can use an image in your academic work? Are you unsure of whether free videos on YouTube are copyrighted? Join us to hear about these issues and get answers to your own questions.

This workshop counts as a research communication workshop for the Research Training Certificate offered by the Office of Undergraduate Research. University of Texas.

Colleen Lyon
University of Texas at Austin

Fan Fiction and Fair Use

There are millions of fan fiction works both online and off. Though many content creators support or even encourage fan-made books, comics, plays, or films inspired by their work, others see them as infringing their copyrights or eating into their profits. Some have responded with lawsuits. In this talk, Harvard Copyright Advisor Kyle K. Courtney explores court cases related to fan fiction and fair use, the doctrine in copyright law that allows users to build on others’ work without permission.
Cases discussed include the recently settled Star Trek case, Paramount Pictures v. Axanar, and the JK Rowling/Harry Potter lawsuit, Warner Brothers v. RDR Books.
Location: Building 32-124.
Refreshments provided.

Katharine Dunn
MIT and Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication

Fair Use Documentary Screening: “Other People’s Footage” w/ panel Q&A

Please join us for a special Fair Use Week screening of the documentary “Other People’s Footage,” coupled with a panel discussion with the directors and lead fair use litigator, Michael C. Donaldson, Esq., on February 23rd at 4:00 in the Harvard Law School’s Langdell South (272 Kirkland and Ellis Room). Food and Drink to be served!

Kyle K. Courtney
Harvard University

Copyright & Multimedia Projects: Options for Faculty Students

Do you or your students create multimedia resources such as videos, documentaries, or other audio visual material? Learn a process to identify and address copyright issues for creating multimedia. Virginia Tech

Anita Walz
Virginia Tech
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