Fair Use Week

Copyright Assessment in the Trenches: Workflow, Tools, Metadata, and more

How do different institutions assess copyright? What workflows are in place? How is copyright indicated for end users? What tools are institutions/art libraries using to assess copyright? This moderated panel discussion will offer strategies for copyright assessment and workflows pertinent to special collections and international publications. Our panelists will bring pragmatic perspectives on copyright evaluation from a museum art library, a public research library, a university copyright advisory office, and a public university. Pain points for determining copyright presented by various formats, ownership issues, and digitization will be addressed through cases encountered by the panelists. Helpful tools and workflow strategies for moving forward, including widely available charts and resources, as well as software in beta for copyright determination will be shared. Lastly, we’ll look at how various institutions are handling rights metadata.

U.S. Copyright Law and its exceptions relevant to libraries and archives, such as Section 107 (Fair Use), Section 108(h), and Section 104(a) will be part of the discussion. A review of this Copyright Quick Guide is recommended prior to attending the session.

Resource List

Megan De Armond, Greg Cram, Deborah Kempe, Rina Pantalony, Victoria Pilato
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